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Troy Paul Hendrick

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  • I have a speeding ticket from Crisp Co, Ga. The officer claims I was doing 85 in 70. Is it worth hiring a local lawyer? Or pay??

    I would probably go to court, but its a 5 plus hour round trip, and not sure if worth it. The court said I could meet with the judge and bring my driving record, which is clean. I am not sure if its worth fighting or to just pay the fine.

    Troy’s Answer

    This qualifies as a superspeeder violation (meaning the state will surcharge you $200 after you think you are done paying your ticket). You can probably avoid having any record of this violation. If so, then you can save thousands (no joke) on insurance premiums. This is why it makes sense to hire a lawyer whose firm has a specialty in traffic defense.

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  • I recently got a speeding ticket for going 19 over in Warner Robins, GA. How can I reduce my fine for the ticket in court?

    I have had no infractions on my driving record in years, I understand what I did was wrong, and I'm willing to do what I can to reduce the fee or have it dismissed.

    Troy’s Answer

    A common misconception is that you want "to avoid points," or "get a lower fine." What you want to avoid is having the citation REPORTED to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services. This will mean that your insurance rates will not increase. It is this insurance increase which is far and away the greatest expense in traffic tickets--not your fine. You should or call a lawyer whose firm specializes in traffic ticket defense so that you can save several thousand dollars.

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