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Robbin Shipp

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  • How do i get my husband out of jail.

    my husband went to jail on the 6th and it is because of his ex wife he owed back child support.. and he was paying her we have recits from western unuion of where we sent the money so he was making payments she put a warrent out for his arrest how...

    Robbin’s Answer

    Hire an attorney...all of the mitigating factors which you have recited can be used by a skillful attorney to argue against incarceration...good luck

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  • My boyfriend and I are 3 years and 16 days apart, is that illegal in Georgia?

    My boyfriend just turned 20 and Im 16, but i will be turning 17 in a few day, is it illegal for use to be in a (unsexual) relationship?

    Robbin’s Answer

    The age of consent in Georgia (to my knowledge) is 16 so you are ok (or your boyfriend is) with regard to criminal prosecution. I am concerned though with the wisdom of a 16 year old with a 20 year old boyfriend. Have you and your boyfriend discussed this relationship with your parents? Are you, in anyway, being coerced into doing things which you might not be ready for?

    I encourage you to talk with a parent, counselor or pastor (someone who knows you) so you can talk out these matters and get a different perspective (different from your boyfriend or girlfriends) about choices you are making which you will probably regret later.

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