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Michael N. Soucy

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  • Is Georgia a no-fault state for divorce?

    Can I get a divorce in Georgia with no fault assigned to either party?

    Michael’s Answer

    Georgia is what is termed a "no fault" state, and most of the time parties default to the no fault term of "irretreivably broken". There are exceptions, however, and based on the facts of your particular case, it may be advantageous for you to allege "fault" such as adultery, abuse, etc .

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  • What sentence can I expect for a shoplifting less then $300?

    first offense

    Michael’s Answer

    Depends on whether its a first offense or not. Under $300 is considered a misdemeanor. Typically, ALL courts in Georgia will, if a first offense, offer a diversion program. However, you need to employ counsel to ENSURE that the offense will be completely null prossed after completion of same AND the prosecutor agrees to EXPUNGE the record.

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  • My wife wants a legal separation but ga doesn't have 1 so i'm not moving out. am i required to pay bills that don't have my name

    on them. The only bills in my name are the mortgage, car, car insurance,cable bill. she is spending $ ffreely and not paying the bills. She makes more $ than I do and now it seems asthough she may have a new boy friend. We have 3 kids 8,6,4, she s...

    Michael’s Answer

    First step is to gain counsel or at least get a free consultation. You have a lot of moving parts to what you describe above that simply cannot be answered without more analysis and detail. FYI, as to the boyfriend, and as you may or may not know, adultery is a bar to alimony in Georgia. If your spouse is cheating, and you gain evidence of same, she will be barred from any alimony claim. Although statutorily, alimony does not automatically effect equitable division of your assets (as it does alimony), many Judges readily admit that a party's "character" definitely comes into play when the issue of equitable division is put before them.

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