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  1. Should I already have an Attorney before initially communicating with the other party insurance company for a slip and fall?

    Answered 15 days ago.

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    An injured victim never has anything to gain from talking to an insurance company without the advice and presence of an attorney. After being retained, I rarely allow my client to be interviewed by an adjuster, even in my presence. There can be circumstances where this may be necessary for the establishment of a claim, but an attorney should never allow his client's interview to be recorded or under oath. Particularly in slip-and-fall cases, there is nothing to be gained by your communicating...

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  2. Is apartments liable for injury sustained by falling in a hole on the property?

    Answered 14 days ago.

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    The property owner would generally be liable for hidden dangers that he or she knew about or should have been discovered upon a reasonable inspection. But liability may depend upon your status or classification while on the premises. In most states, duties differ depending on whether you are an invitee, licensee or trespasser. If you were a tenant or a guest of a tenant, the property owner will most likely be liable, but the location and appearance of the alleged hazardous condition will also...

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  3. I was walking in the Dollar tree and I tripped on the uneven concrete. I used my hand to catch my fall on the store window.

    Answered 8 days ago.

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    It is always a good idea to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney before communicating with a claims rep. Before calling an attorney, however, if you have not already done so, get yourself checked out by a doctor or the at the ER. Some attorneys are skeptical of the seriousness of an injury if they are called before one seeks medical attention. Many times, however, the seriousness of an injury will not become apparent for several days up to several weeks. It is also important that...

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  4. My father died from alzhiemers in 2011. All his medical records have been "misplaced" and can not be located.

    Answered 9 days ago.

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    South Carolina has a Physician's Patient Records Act, but unfortunately is does not include a provision for lost or destroyed records. Perhaps there is some limited remedy under the federal HIPPA legislation. In any event, your attitude about our corrupt legal system will not help if you want to consult with a lawyer to find a remedy under the law. If your dad had Alxzhiemers, I would be surprised if only one doctor had records to substantiate the diagnosis. You gave no facts about the...

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  5. Will my insurance pay for work related injuries after case has settled?

    Answered 9 days ago.

    1. Ryan S Montgomery
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    When meeting with your attorney as suggested in the other answers, make sure you get assurance that your private insurance will pay for future medical treatment if you settle the workers comp case. Typically the insurance company will have a workers comp exclusion, but as already mentioned, if your claim is disputed, it is possible to settle the workers comp claim and still require coverage from your own insurance. As a claimant's lawyer, this would make me very nervous unless I got something...

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  6. What can be done to dissolve a corrput POA?

    Answered 16 days ago.

    1. Dan R. Denton
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    This is not my area of law, but a president of a property owners association will have a fiduciary duty to represent the best interests of all its members. He would be in breach of that duty if he used the POA to benefit himself personally. You should consult a lawyer with experience in real estate and representing POAs.

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  7. I am an employee of an international retail chain. I need a workers' comp and or SC discrimination attorney.

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Dan R. Denton
    2. Brett A. Borah
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    It is difficult to provide any guidance without more information. What type of conduct did you expose? To whom? How were you retaliated against? Do you have an employment contract? One thing I can answer is that this will not fall within workers' compensation, which only covers employees for physical and mentally-related injuries from an accident on the job.

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  8. Do I have a case ?

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Daniel Nathan Hughey
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    For a negligence claim to actionable, several elements have to be present: 1) A duty owed to another; 2) a breach or violation of that duty constituting negligent conduct; and 3) damages proximately caused by the breach of duty or negligence. Since you did not state that your daughter was injured by the trip and fall, I assume she was not. The old saying, "no harm, no foul," applies here. If you daughter was not injured, you have no case and the cable company owes you nothing. Yes, the cable...

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  9. How long can the driver at fault wait to make a statement with their insurance co.? Who determines fault in a car accident?

    Answered 15 days ago.

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    Insurance companies can wait a reasonable time for acceptance of a claim until they get a statement from their insured driver. Give them at least a week and then ask why a determination cannot be made based upon the official accident report and witness statements. If they still stonewall, threaten to report them to the SC Insurance Commission for bad faith refusal to settle a property damage claim. This will usually get the attention of an insurance company. If you have collision insurance, let...


    Answered 22 days ago.

    1. Daniel Nathan Hughey
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    Not much I can add to attorney Daniel Huey's answer, but a few issues in your case I would want to know about: 1) what were the reasons or circumstances of being rolled over? 2) Were there other injuries to be concerned about requiring the actions by EMS? 3) Did you have any pre-existing problems with your neck? An evaluation of a case can only be useful after a thorough client interview.