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Case Conclusion Date: 09.25.2008

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Adoption granted

Description: This was an adoption we filed on behalf of a step-father who wanted to adopt his step-son who was born in Honduras. A simple enough process usually. The challenge here was that the biological father was living in Honduras, but the mother did not know how to get in touch with him. So, we had to use the services of a local interpreter to contact a source within one of the local newspapers to get a summons published to advertise the adoption taking place here in the United States and a pre-scheduled final adoption hearing date, so that we wouldn't have to publish twice. The publication was very expensive - almost $900.00. Afterwards, the source at the newspaper had to sign an affidavit stating that the legal notice ran for the statutory amount of time, but apparently, the equivalent of a notary in Honduras is a Judge. So, we then had to hire a lawyer to get the affidavit signed. Needless, to say, this turned out to be the most expensive step-parent adoption I have ever undertaken. In the end, our family court was satisfied that we had followed our state's requirements for notice of the adoption and final hearing and granted the adoption to my client - a happy ending.

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