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David F Stoddard

David Stoddard’s Legal Guides

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  • How Much is a Fair Personal Injury Settement?

    One of the most frequent questions on AVVO is "what would be a fair settlement in my case?" This guide explains the factors that should be considered in evaluating any personal injury case. It may help you determine whether you can settle your own case, or whether you need an attorney.

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  • Children's Medical and School Records and Non custodial Parents' Rights in S.C.

    Very often, my clients who do not have custody of ther children complain to me that they cannot get their child's medical records or school records because the custodial parent has given instructions to the doctor and school not to release information to the non-custodial parent....

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  • Five Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Case

    In my years of representing clients on personal injury cases, the five mistakes described below have cost clients money in lower settelemts and awards. If you have a personal injury case, you should avoid these mistakes.

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