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James Cooke’s client reviews

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  • Child Support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gwen

    Hired Attorney

    I hired Mr. Cooke in April 2015 for Child Support . He ensured that everything was in order and I got my child support with back pay in a timely manner. I made sure he had all the supporting documentation he needed so that my case can run smoothly. I would greatly refer him and I will use him again if I have any legal issues. Thank you Mr. Cooke.

  • review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired James Cooke in a time of need and therefor was unable to do my research. I wish I had. Mr. Cooke took on my case when he was completely overbooked. Even his receptionist and assistant stated this to me. Mr. Cooke Cancelled 80 % of our meetings after I had already shown up to the meeting. I would wait over an hour past the meeting time and his assistant would say he went home for the day. He would also be so over booked that on days I would have court Mr. Cooke would have his assisstant call me the day before to tell me Mr. Cooke was cancelling my court date because he would be in court on another case.

    Mr. Cooke was totally unprepared in my child custody case. My case was a very simple case and Mr. Cooke did not do any research or get any of the documents necessary to win my case. Several times Mr.Cooke went into court completely unprepared for court which would in turn give the opposing parties lawyer the upper hand. Mr .Cooke would then turn around and blame me saying I should have been prepared. However; it was never discussed with me what to bring or how to be prepared. I prepped about 80% of my case with my own prepared documents and reports, all without Mr. Cookes help.

    Mr. Cooke is also extremely unprofessional. Any time we would have a meeting he would be on the phone making my wife and I wait a long time to talk to him. When we finally talked to him he would cut us off every time we would try to speak and he would only talk about how he was going to win this case because the other attorney looked unattractive, because all the judges loved him and did whatever he said, and other very unprofessional things. Mr. Cooke also several times yelled at my wife or talked bad about my wife to me when she was not in the room. Mr. Cooke will never answer your phone calls or return your calls. He will tell his assistant to tell you he will call you back, but never once in the 1.5 years I worked with him did he call back.

    Mr. Cooke does not bill you correctly. He wont write up finance statements until the end of the court case which results in over billing charges. He states he is willing to work with you but is nothing but rude and condescending when you discuss the billing. Several times Mr. Cooke would cancel my court dates without my permission and then bill me to cancel the court dates, even though he cancelled the courts dates because he overbooked himself. Finally my biggest issue with Mr. Cooke is he made several decisions in my case without my knowlege. These were things that I did NOT want him to do. Mr. Cooke would go behind my back without my permission and make these decisions that I would find out about after a later date and I was unable to change.

    Mr. Cooke is completely against everything you want in your lawyer. He will not help you he will hinder you. At a time when you're already stressed and concerned he will make it a million times worse. He charges a very larger retainer fee that is non refundable at any point and it will be a complete waste of your money. At the end of everything you will be wanting to hire a new lawyer. Do not whatever you do Hire this lawyer.

  • Great work!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by amanda

    I definitely recommend Mr. Cooke. He handled my child custody and divorce case very professional. He gave me exactly what he promised he could get me. There were a few times where my hearing had to get pushed but that is in no way Mr Cookes fault. As long as you are willing to provide him everything he needs for court such as facts and affidavits then you will not be sorry hiring Mr Cooke.

  • WORST attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ashley

    I hired Mr. Cooke in 2011. He is by far the worst unprepared attorney I have dealt with. He will say all these things in the meetings with you that he rushes to get out of and then on the day of court he makes deals with the other party benefitting them not you. I strongly do not recommend Mr. Cooke.

  • Unprofessional, I DO NOT RECOMMEND This Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I am a recent client of Attorney James H. Cooke, Jr. He was unprepared for hearing and cut deals benefitting the opposing party. He did not put up a fight, and ignores client wishes. Asks for (billable) phone conferences and meeting, then does not follow up with the game plan. Blames his staff for everything. Staff takes sides and if they don't agree with your side they lag. He refuses to communicate and does not answer emails or phone calls. His office sent me an official document for signature and Notary with blanks to be filled in by his office. When I refused to sign until blanks were filled in, he stopped work and refused to answer repeated calls to his office.

    This review reflects my experience. I do NOT recommend this attorney to anyone who wants serious representation.

  • Worst Lawyer in town

    1.0 star

    Posted by tj

    Mr. Cook represended me a few years ago. He was un-prepared. He made wrong statements in court and it hurt my case. He just wanted to get the money and make a deal. DON'T USE THIS LAWYER.

  • Excellent Attorney and Colleague

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bryce

    Jim Cooke is an excellent attorney. I have known him professionally and personally for over 21 years. and I am an attorney as well. I have litigated with him, and against him, but he has in fact represented me on civil matters and provided invaluable advice to my staff and me over the years. He is dedicated, hard working, and truly cares about all his clients. He has the respect of his peers and the judges alike. He is the type of person who can get along with anyone in any situation, and those qualities are sorely needed in our court system today. Jim starts his day way before other attorneys, usually by 5am if not sooner, I know because I am texting him on cases I have with him. I have seen him assist his clients on the weekends, at night, and on holidays, even giving the clients his private cell number. When I have had client conflicts (meaning we could not represent the potential client because we already represented the opposing side, or perhaps other vaid reasons), we called his office and got that person to see Jim right away. Jim also has the very unique ability to work well even with the most aggressive opposing counsel, and then obtain super results for his client despite the obstacles . I trust Jim,,and in fact have asked Jim to be my minor son's trustee and guardian in the event of my wife's and my death. If I can trust Jim to represent me, and trust JIm with the life of my son , then you can trust him too.

  • Poor Attorney Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by A Disappointed Client

    James H. Cooke, Jr., Esq., Fayetteville, North Carolina
    Bill Padding-Overcharging-Horrible Representation
    Company information:
    Parish and Cooke Law Firm
    343 Person Street
    Fayetteville, North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 910-483-7680

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ATTORNEY. Please take my advise as a former client of Attorney James H. Cooke, Jr. In my case he was detrimental and harmful. He did not do the necessary research on my behalf thereby, placing me at a disadvantage from the on-start. He did not prepare for any of my hearings placing the prepared opposing party at an advantage because he was never prepared to fight for me. There were no pre-trial preparations making me a sitting duck. Additionally, when I did have an office visit per his recommendation I would show up and instead of discussing preparations for my upcoming hearing he would say, "how can I help you?" He or his time keeper did not prepare monthly statements so I had no idea what I was being billed for. I requested a monthly statement at least twice but never received one. His timekeepers billing is so horrible resulting in many overcharges in my case everything was billed at $250.00 per hour including worked performed by his assistants. His staff is ill prepared and lack basic knowledge in Family Law and were very rude. I regret not doing my research before retaining him so I am warning everyone reading this review to do your research and you will find several complaints about his level of representation which in my case was low the and the worse representation money can buy for my hard earned thousands of dollars. Before hiring him do your research honestly, you are better off being a Pro Se.

    This review reflects my experience. I am not telling anyone not to retain Attorney James H. Cooke (Fayetteville, NC) but, I would not recommend this attorney to anyone who wants someone to be a real advocate on their behalf.