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Matthew Jacob Ladenheim

Matthew Ladenheim’s Answers

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  • I was arrested for selling counterfeit merchandise

    I was arrested for selling clothing and baseball caps with counterfeit logos. I was selling them on the streets on the corner of a sidewalk. I was released on bail for $2000, can I get this charge reduced to an infraction for illegal vending and...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Mr. Marshall's response is spot-on. Dealing in counterfeit goods is a serious offense that carries with it serious penalties. This is most certainly NOT the kind of case you want to handle on your own. Not only are there criminal penalties associated with dealing in counterfeit goods, there are serious civil penalties as well. If at all possible, you need to find an attorney who has experience in both criminal and intellectual property law. I further echo Mr. Marshall's admonition that you should not discuss this matter with anyone until you have had an opportunity to speak with an attorney.

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  • In the state of north carolina, if spouse files for separation and serves u papers can u date other people

    Military divorce proceeding, child custody settled, working through child support and answer to separation

    Matthew’s Answer

    North Carolina is not California. You need to speak to someone licensed to practice law in North Carolina. The torts of criminal conversation and alienation of affection are alive and well here.

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