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David A. Coolidge Jr.

David Coolidge’s Legal Guides

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  • Rules to Follow when the Police come knocking !!

    1. Always be calm and cool. 2. You have the right to remain silent. 3. You have the right to refuse searches. 4. Don't get tricked into waiving your rights. 5. Determine if you're free to go. 6. Don't do anything illegal. 7. Don't run. 8. Never touch a cop. 9. Report misconduct: ...

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  • Important Information that you should know about Speeding Tickets and Moving Violations

    1. Can I fight my speeding ticket with a trial? Yes. You can always fight your traffic ticket with a trial. The trial would be held in District Court, where a Judge and not a Jury would decide the case. If tried and convicted, you would be convicted of your traffic ticket as char...

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