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Abraham F. Johns Jr.

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  • How can i help my sister get medicaid she has aphobia about being out side

    she cant ride in car she is scared to walk any afraid of heights every thing makes her nervous

    Abraham’s Answer

    In North Carolina, as in most states, you must first be over the age of 65, or defined disabled. Assuming not over 65, you must have a governmental agency declare you disabled. This is usually acquired through Social Security Disablity (SSD). In order to be declared as "defined disabled" you should be under the continuing care of a psychiatrist, psychologist or councellor, all must have proper licensure, degree and certification. The longer the documented psychiatric relationship the better the chances. The professional attending you must be your strong advocaate, providing all records, and a detailed affidavit that strongly supports your pursuit of SSD. However, based on what little is stated, your diagnosis will probably be denied. Currently, SSD denials are at an all timne high. Countless others having more severe diagnoses have been denied on the first application.

    If over the age of 65, or if in fact you are defined disabled, you must meet Medicaid programmatic limits on income and countable resources. Community based Medicaid programs have a variation in what is required. Generally, however, income over approximately $1,100 per month, and countable assets over $2,000.00 will create ineligibility. The home (if under $500,000), one vehicle, and all personal property are not countable (considered exempt).

    If not 65, you probably need the assistance of a Social Security Disability attorney before filing a Medicaid application. While not an SSD attorney, if you are over 65, and can meet the eligibility criteria above, you can probably handle file the Medicaid application witout the assistance of an elder or disability law attorney.

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