I was airlifted to UVA after an accident in which I have no memory of even entering the vehicle.  I spent 3 weeks in the ICU & 2 days in a regular room.  I only have some memory of the last two days.

The "trooper" at the scene of my accident did everything he could to find some crime with which to charge me, even after I had a boot clot in my lung almost causing my death in the ICU, & they suggested to me that this is what had happened to cause my accident.

Why would he do this, you may ask?  Because, even though I am a gunsmith, Glock Armorer, & have taken many NRA & other Advanced Hangun Courses & instruct friends & family privately, I was carrying more than one gun!   Though the second gun was unloaded & in my pocket & in the LEAST powerful pistol cartridge in the world, even though I had a permit and have held one for YEARS & harmed NO ONE, though my wounded Grandfather killed the Nazi that bayoneted him & I carried this ancient relic as a reminder & "good luck" charm, even though it is so old, unreliable, & underpowered as to be USELESS for self-defense, this man who calls himself a VA State Trooper was determined to "get me" with the ONLY thing he could come up with from which I could not defend myself -wreckless driving! You see, I have NO memory of the event whatsoever, have driven that stretch of road hundreds if not thousands of times safely, & I could think of nothing whatsoever to defend myself.  I was guilty until proven innocent!

Having used Victor in the adoption of my daughter years before, having had him successfully handle a divorce case for a LE close friend of mine, I retained him again to represent me in this matter.

I went to court, Mr. Santos conferred with opposing council & the "state trooper," & then patted my shoulder & suggested we speak outside.  Upon leaving the courtroom, he informed me that the case would not be heard for some time; but I did not need to stay, as it was going to be dismissed!

Soon after, I received a letter from Victor stating that the case had been dismissed; but it also warned that a stenographer had been present for some party that claimed I was responsible for their far less injury.

They did sue & the insurance company settled with them.  It is much easier to find someone guilty by a preponderance of the evidence in a civil case than it is to find them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case.  My insurance company's attorney represented me in the civil case, & lied straight to my face about what was & was not going to be said.  That said, Mr. Santos did an excellent job throughout what I retained him to do, as he does for everyone; I would hire him again in a second & will always recommend him to any innocent person I meet who is in need of the very BEST attorney!

The "state trooper" even SUGGESTED TO MY WIFE, as I was being loaded into a helicopter & on death's door, that I was running from something, tying to commit suicide, etc!  He said this to my grief-stricken wife as I was leaving one hospital for another, thinking I would surely die!  I had a broken neck, a broken back, broken. ribs, was crushed on my left side with a rib THROUGH my left lung, my right lung was collapsed, & I had a brain bleed.  The "trooper" had thought me dead at the scene & even talked about calling his superior to report me so, as I was unresponsive! With probably more qualifications than HE had, veterans & former LE throughout my family & a circle of friends who are either milititary, ex-military, LE, former LE, or some combinations thereof, this man who calls himself a "Virgina State Trooper" set out to crucify me!

Remember, "Troopers are for your protection!"  Well, not this one!  He delivered my "ticket" to me, as I was barely able to stand, still in my bathrobe, & told me the same as he told my wife: "There was NO evidence you were exceeding the speed limit!"  He then wrote the exact opposite in his report & LIED in his testimony at the deposition!