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Neil Kuchinsky

Neil Kuchinsky’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Conduct a Search to Determine If You Are An Heir to a Secret Swiss Bank Account

    Here are some simple FAQ's and answers: Who can make a search request and how? Anyone can make a request, regardless of nationality, place of residence, race or religious denomination.Searches for assets that date from the Second World War and that belonged to Holocaust vi...

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  • What Good and Bad Judges, Lawyers and Jurors Think Before Entering the Courtroom and During Trial

    In preparing for a trial, it's important for you and your lawyer to think beyond the evidence, and give careful consideration to the combination of personalities that may be present in the courtroom, influencing the result - including your own personality.

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  • Dealing with Funeral Homes that Demand More Money Despite a Prepaid Plan

    I have been shocked at how often grieving family and friends have met with funeral directors who pleasantly demand substantially more money to complete funeral arrangements, when the deceased had already purchased a prepaid funeral plan years before. Here are the common scams, and what to do.

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  • How To Be Found In Contempt of Court

    But why would you want to? Here are a variety of ways you can be found in contempt of court, some of which are obvious, some not:

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  • Establishing and Probating a Lost Virginia Will When You Don't Even Have a Copy of It !

    Sound impossible? Itgenerally is - but I have found a procedure that has worked ina very limited circumstance here in Virginia. I firstlearned about this very obscure procedure when studying for my admission as a Solicitor before the Supreme Court of England and Wales. It require...

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  • Contesting an Improperly Probated Virginia Will Which Disinherits a Child of the Testator

    In my Virginia contested wilsl practice, I have found that one particular set of circumstances regularly repeats itself; one which realtively few attorneys know how to deal with. Here is the basic scenario:

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