Mr. Lawrence is the best lawyer anyone could ever have. I do not say this because he won my case, I was completely innocent so that was easy for him to do. What made I'm so great was how honest and informative he was. From day one, even though I was innocent he maintained that anything could happen, innocent or not. He always said "no lawyer can promise you anything, if they do they are either lying to you or incompetent." He had a huge case load with very high profile clients but always made me feel like I was his only client. My case was almost a year long and he maintained contact with me several times a month, over the phone and in person. He often called when he was on his way to and from places just to see how my family and I were doing. He even called on the weekend just to check in. If nothing was going on, and there were no new developments, he would even call to let me know. He took every idea and piece of information that I had for my case seriously, even if it was not relevant or usable in trial. He would always explain why. He was extremely passionate about his job and my case from the beginning to the end. I felt that he did more than represent me, he protected me and did everything in his power to win my case.