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Stephen Patrick Pfeiffer

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  • 3 Steps for Dealing with Overweight Citations In Virginia.

    Step 1: What to do before you start to move the load. Have all permits signed and available for inspection in the cabin of the vehicle. Double check the terms and conditions of the State and Local p

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  • The Biggest Mistake The Accused Can Make In A Criminal Case

    5th Amendment The Founding Fathers of this Country knew that it was never a good idea for a citizen to talk to the police when they are being investigated for a crime. As a result they gave us all t

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    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and this desire is becoming a reality that managers and boards have to deal with on a frequent basis. Call it a push for a more open board meeting or simply a tactic by an angry owner to make a board uncomfortable, the prevalence of videoin...

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  • Construction Fraud: Not Just a Civil Matter

    In the current turbulent economy there is a proliferation of building contractors being forced into bankruptcy leaving materialmen, laborers and subcontractors unpaid and homeowners with unfinished work. When the contractor files bankruptcy the general rule is that any civil acti...

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  • The Virginia Condominium Act and Lien's For Assessments

    TheVirginia Code 55-79.84 provides an association preference in the order of liens on the condominium unit provide the statute is strictly followed. Specifically,Virginia Code 55-79.84(A) states: "The unit owners' association shall have a lien on every condominium unit for unpa...

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  • The Civil and Criminal Implications of Wiretapping

    Curiosity kills the cat. This old saying is a perfect example of what can happen when a persons suspicions and inquisitive nature gets out of control. With modern technologys prevalence and ease of use, more and more inquisitive people are using technology to investigate the...

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  • 3 Little Known Facts About Field Sobriety Tests

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") in the 1970s conducted a series of studies for impaired driving detection. The result was the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests ("SFSTs"). This guide provides you with 3 little known defenses in attacking the SFSTs.

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  • One Simple Way to Help Your Defense of a DUI/DWI Charge in Virginia

    There is no requirement in Virginia Law that forces someone suspected of DUI/DWI to perform a Standardized Field Sobriety Test ("FSTs"). That is correct, all of those test you hear and see people performing on the side of the road are nothing more than a tool for the government t...

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  • The questions I would ask if I needed to hire a lawyer for a DUI in Virginia Beach.

    As a Virginia Beach DUI attorney I often am asked by friends in other jurisdictions what they should ask and look for when hiring a lawyer for a DUI. Below are some of the frequent suggestions I make.

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