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Cheshire I'Anson Eveleigh

Cheshire Eveleigh’s client reviews

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  • Best Divorce Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I recently went through a divorce which was very difficult for me as a man with children. Cheshire represented me in the case and worked with me throughout the case making me aware of every step along the way. She was respectful, honest and to the point in a way I needed her to be in helping me to make decisions that were in the best interest of my children, ex wife and me. She was very clear in her directions at all times and was an excellent listener to my feelings and ideas. She was able to formulate communication back to me in a way that best helped me understand the legal system and what would be expected along the way. Although I understood a lot from a financial standpoint I did not understand anything from the legal system for which I counted on her years of legal advice in divorce and custody situations. She helped me to understand difficult ambiguous situations from a court's perspective while also standing firm on facts that were obvious in being fair to all parties involved. I really appreciated how timely she was in doing things on my behalf throughout the proceedings and when she knew it might be a few days before she would be able to complete things she told me all along the way so I would not be left to wonder where we were at in the process. She helped me not to have tunnel vision on certain things but kept me focused on the big picture which in my case was being able to have custody for more than just every other weekend. She fought on my behalf with passion and wisdom that was very clear throughout the proceedings that she knew how to be much better prepared than others. Although I did not always like what I heard and felt was unfair by the legal system I also appreciated more than anything hearing the truth about expectations so that I could make the best decisions at all times for every party involved. I could not have made it through the long ordeal that came with going through a divorce without her and her depth of knowledge, experience, wisdom and sensitivity to all issues involved. I felt that she really cared for me also throughout the entire process and felt like she was so responsive to what I told her that I was looking for in helping me formulate the most reasonable outcome based on the situation. In the end I got the most priceless thing that I wanted which was more custody of my children. She knew this was most important to me and fought by my side with such integrity and perseverance that helped me emotionally stay intact and focused on completing the process in the most timely and efficient manner as possible. I would recommend her for anyone that is looking for someone to fight honestly by your side while at all times fully giving you all the details and the truth of possible expectations all along the way (whether good or bad). You will not go wrong nor regret your decision of having her represent you all along the way. She is the best!!!!!

  • Father with primary custody of daughter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Chesire is so highly regarded! She was actually recommended to me by my previous attorney who has used her. His words were, "you won't find anybody better in the state of Virginia at this." I trusted him, but wasn't sure if she could be that good. Well, she is that good!!! I wish I would have gone to her years ago. She and her legal assistant are professional, honest, direct, knowledgable, respected, and on and on.
    I can't tell you that she can get you exactly what you want. And she is such a pro she will tell you that. I will say this, if she can't do it, then it's not in the best interest and it can't be done. Howver, we were able to succeed in the best interest of my daughter because Chesire knew the statutes, guidelines, etc better than anyone else involved and was not afraid to use them. So many people would've thought that I didn't have a chance being the dad. However, I knew enough myself to know that, in the right hands, I definately could "win" for my child. Chesire is the attorney you need when you need to be in the right hands. I just can't say enough. All you have to do is "google" her name and you will see the credentials and expertise she has. Just look at her rating on this site, it's hard to find another attorney with that. Don't waste your time or money somewhere else. Get the best right away.

  • The right Lawyer for you!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Happy Client

    Cheshire Eveleigh represented me in a spousal support case in which I was being forced to pay spousal support to my Ex for the past eight years and was cohabitating with a person and they were in a relationship "analogous" to marriage for many years. Due to Ms Everleigh and her teams experience we were able to expose the truth and was able to avoid a costly court battle. Other lawyers in the past had told me there was nothing I could do about unless my Ex remarried . Ms. Eveleigh determined I did have a chance to win and was a determined and well prepared. I was always kept informed and If I did have to go to court to fight this case, I know I was well represented and prepared.

  • Excellent Family Law Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Cheshire represented me during my divorce. I do believe the good outcome of my divorce was due to the competency, and knowledge of my attorney. I did my homework prior to hiring an attorney. I remember reading, "Hiring the right divorce attorney will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make." I'm grateful I made the right decision as it really did have an impact on my family's life after divorce! She is top notch within her profession, and very well respected by her peers. So I was very happy when Cheshire took on my case. I trusted her advice and insight 100%. Cheshire never failed me once. Every question and concern I had was answered. She is honest and direct. She doesn't sugarcoat, she'll tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Believe me, this attorney will protect your rights and interests. In the court room, she is remarkable. Cheshire is extremely organized. In presenting a case, she is right on the mark and nothing will be missed. Divorce is very difficult to go through, the fact of the matter is you need a competent and experienced attorney to take care of your legal rights. Cheshire will do this. She truly is an excellent attorney!

  • ONE OF A KIND!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    I was fortunate to be referred to Mrs. Eveleigh in 2002 as I embarked on a very lengthy and complicated divorce and child custody situation. My primary goal was to preserve safety and sanity of myself and my three young children. Having worked with lawyers for 22+ years, I had high expectations but knew that not all attorneys would meet these expectations. Under the circumstances, I knew I needed representation that would be able to cover a variety ot sensitive and complex family litigation. Ms. Eveleigh represented me for over almost 11 years. Fortunately, she was able to convey the sensitive issues and my children and I received the necessary protections and security to emerge from this difficult chapter in our lives in a positive result. Even though my case endured numerous years, appeals and case reopenings, she stuck with me and could pull from facts and experiences throughout the case. I have no doubt that my children and I emerged in a much better place than we would have with another attorney managing and representing our best interests. I would hightly recommend Cheshire Eveleigh for handling the most difficult and sensitive family litigation. She is respected by her peers and in the court room, and manages even the most difficult attorneys with professionalism and finesse.

  • If you want the best...Ms. Eveleigh is the lawyer you want.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christ

    "Ms. Cheshire Eveleigh and her team were outstanding in providing legal services in my divorce case. They were professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable and extremely well informed on equitable distribution of property as well as, in my case, Federal guidelines associated with distribution of assets. It was obvious to me that she is well known and respected among her colleagues and peers. To compare, I had the misfortune of hiring an attorney without doing my homework previous to retaining Ms. Cheshire Eveleigh. I believe having that poor attorney cost me several years without a signed separation agreement and cost me tens of thousands of dollars in fees to him. My lesson was that getting the right attorney for the legal issue at hand is critical, especially in a less than friendly divorce. Fortunately I found Ms. Eveleigh. She always kept me informed of what was going to happen next and was always available to advise. I highly recommend her. Divorce is emotional and traumatic but being able to trust your attorney takes one of the burdens off your shoulders. I trust Cheshire, and that is the highest recommendation I can give."