About a year ago I was in dire need of an Attorney in a matter that was close to my heart, but more importantly it very well could have destroyed my daughter's future in just about any Career path that she may have chosen. I was beside myself, I was lost , but I was pointed in the right direction by another kind person that I had met during this most trying time. On the very first day I placed a call to John K Honey Jr and after our conversation regarding the circumstances involved I was moved by his sincerity and his confidence that he could and would resolve this matter and for me to stop the worrying that all parents do in situations of this type. He is a man of sincerity and honor and will use his experience and knowledge to help you in whatever your situation may be. You can feel confidant that you have made a very good decision in retaining his services. Remember, John K Honey Jr is not just another attorney who's only goal is to amass a fortune by just showing up in court, you can find those in any courthouse in America. John K Honey Jr is a man that you can count on,a man of great integrity and concern for his clients.I highly recommend his services.