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Joseph Wright’s client reviews

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  • Recover monies owed

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    I hired Joe Wright to have a garnishment served and have court date set .That was all I needed.
    I had already won judgement by myself 3 years earlier but I had to find where person being garnished worked .I found out where he worked ,told Joe Wright to serve papers .Nothing hard about this ,right ?
    Well the person I garnished and Joe became friends talking about my garnishment .The person would call Joe and go to his office to "discuss " my garnishment and payment . So the bills started coming in to me to pay for all his time speaking to person .I emailed Joe ,still have email conversations telling Joe ,stop talking to person and I will wait for court date because he was not having wages taken out . Joe basically told me he would not stop talking to person ",he was working on case ".At the end I maybe got 20% and Joe got the rest ,good deal for Joe.

  • Dissatisfied

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Did not follow through with promises to insure our settlement agreement was handled properly. Left us with the result we sought to avoid bu our settlement as an alternative to appeals. Didn't have to be this way, it was completely in his control to deliver the expected results, he just didn't. Would not recommend. If you do use him, make sure every conversation is in writing.