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Mayo J Wilson

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  • Best Attorney in Northern Virginia

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heather

    Wow... This is in response to the post from Victoria. I usually do not write reviews but I am completely appalled and disagree with those statements. I am completely blown away by her review. If this was her opinion, why did she continue to retain his services? If they were what she believed to be "In Effective" why didn't she look for other advice?

    Contrary to her experience, mine has been nothing but professional! I have been working with Mr. Wilson since 2008. He represented me in the past with a car accident and it was resolved fairly fast and I believe that if had I not retained him as my attorney, my settlement would not have been as substantial.

    I am currently working with him to dissolve my marriage. It has been such a pleasure working with Mayo. This is a difficult time for me, going through such a horrible divorce as a single mother of two and Mayo has been sure to answer my legal questions even when its past business hours.

    I believe that Mayo Wilson is a wonderful attorney. I trust him and recommend him to all of my friends and Co- Workers as he does not just care about getting paid, he cares about the outcome and puts your best interest first. He is very reliable and dependable and I will continue to retain him for all future legal needs and advice.

  • Mayo Wilson is by far the worst lawyer in all of Northern Virginia!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Victoria J. Morgan

    Mayo Wilson is by far one of the worst lawyers in all of Northern Virginia. He represented me during a custody hearing where he refused to conduct Discovery properly and he refused to present evidence (that I gathered) to Judge Mann that supported my testimony. My ex, George Holder, had a standoff with the City of Alexandria Police, poured gasoline on himself and threatened to set himself on fire, had a protective order against him from a previous relationship, lied about abusing me, testified that he put me out of the house naked and pregnant one night, and was still able to win sole physical and legal custody of my babies.. I testified to those facts and also testified that George abused me. Judge Mann accused me of lying because Mayo REFUSED to present the evidence. He WOULD NOT request the mental health records for George. He REFUSED to request a Guardian Ad Litem and he basically overcharged me for doing NOTHING! Mayo was highly inefficient and spent most of his time judging me for being in an abusive relationship.

    He could care less about his clients and didn't even bother consoling me after I lost in court on September 19, 2012. He is lazy and knows nothing about the law - other than how to rack up fees to overcharge his clients. DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY! You will be wasting your money and putting your future and the lives of your children in jeopardy!

    By the way, the one review posted above mine was written by him. So pathetic!

  • Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Education client

    Mr. Wilson is an amazing attorney. He honestly cares about his clients well being. That is very hard to find these days! He was professional and very informed and experienced. I highly recommend Mr. Wilson.