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  • Possible outcomes for a reckless driving speeding ticket 82/60

    What are the possible outcomes for a reckless driving speeding ticket 82/60 in virginia (middlesex county) . Clean driving history and driving school help?

    Luke’s Answer

    talk to an attorney BEFORE you take the class. Some counties offer programs for drivers who have clean records, but only if they have not taken a DMV class within 2 years. This may or may not apply to you so talk to a local attorney first.

    For more information about some of the ways to beat a reckless driving by speed ticket check out this link.

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  • Out-of-State speeding ticket, how can I ensure I don't get points on my license?

    I was clocked at going 79 in a 70MPH speedzone in Bland County. I've never gotten a ticket in two years of driving, I'm an Arizona resident and have an Arizona license, and won't be able to make my court date because of travel expenses. I'm concer...

    Luke’s Answer

    Because you have an Arizona license, the Virginia DMV and Virginia Courts have no authority to issue points to your AZ record. Virginia would simply notify AZ about the conviction and then the AZ DMV would decide how many points to assign it. Some states will assign more or less points than Virginia.

    If you want to know the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for a Virginia traffic ticket check out this article on the subject.

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  • Can the state of Georgia suspend a Virginia license?

    I was pulled over for not moving out the way of a ambulance fast enough. When they ran my license they where suspended. I received a ticket. Since then I had my license reinstated in Virginia were I live. When I called about paying the ticket I w...

    Luke’s Answer

    Here are some reasons that VA may take away your license for getting a GA ticket:
    1) If you get too many points
    2) You get a serious criminal traffic offense in another state
    3) You may not be able to renew your license in Va if you have an unresolved suspension in GA.

    To learn more about how and when Va suspends people's license check out the Nichols & Green pllc webpage on Va license suspensions.

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  • I was drive my wife car in herndon , i got speeding tickets, but when i go to onlin to try to pay my tickets

    i was drive my wife car in herndon , i got speeding tickets, but when i go to onlin to try to pay my tickets i find the tickets not for me , it's for my wife, is officer make mistake, my wife even not in the car, only me drive my wifes car, so...

    Luke’s Answer

    What you should do depends on how badly you want to avoid the ticket. But currently, if your wife is the one charged with the offense then she is the one who is summoned to appear in court. She can show up and explain to the judge that she was not in the car and that it was not her and the judge should dismiss the case. Then the officer has the option to try to get re-write the ticket properly and serve it on the correct person. However, this is a lot of work for a traffic ticket and I doubt the officer would actually do that.

    If you would like to learn more about speeding ticket check out our website bellow or call Nichols & Green pllc

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  • How long until you receive your good time?

    My cousin has good time but has not received his new court date but he is due to go back in front of the judge soon as a court date is long can getting everything take far as good time subtracted from his time and a court date?

    Luke’s Answer

    There is no "good time" in jail only hard time but I think I get what you are asking. The sheriff's department calculates the release date only after the case is all done and the judge has issued his final decision regarding sentencing. Then the sheriff's department calculates the release date after subtracting "good behavior" and "Time Served" and any other factors. So wait until the judge is all done issuing his punishment and then call the jail and find out the release date.

    It sounds like your cousin's case is not over yet. For more information about the Virginia Judicial System check out this weblink.

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  • Can I really be charged with breaking & entering, conspiracy and destruction of property?

    I was involved in, basically, a "wrong place at the wrong time" kind of situation. I'm 18 years old, and was meeting up with a few friends that haven't seen one another since graduation over a year ago. Where we planned to meet there was an ab...

    Luke’s Answer

    When innocent people go to jail it is usually because they go caught up with someone else who was breaking the law. Conspiracy to commit any crime requires an intent to aid in the commission of a crime. It can be difficult in some instances to prove what a person's intent was. Breaking and Entering ("Burglary") also requires intent. The intent to commit a crime inside a building or dwelling. Consequently the prosecution needs to prove that it was your intent to participate or aid in the entering of the school for the purpose of committing a crime (destruction of property for instances) inside.
    This is extremely serious. You likely have a good case, but many people with "good cases" have been convicted. You need to find an attorney you trust and then spend a lot of time talking with them. Here are some things you should be doing to help defend yourself:
    1) Type a very detailed letter to your attorney explaining everything that happened that night. Be completely open and honest and include every single detail you can remember. This letter should be at least 3-4 pages long. Include the full names and addresses and contact info of each person involved.
    2) Type a detailed letter about yourself. Who are you? What kind of person are you? Hobbies, interests, career aspirations, education, community involvement, family situation... put it all in the letter. Make sure you include a detailed explanation of your entire criminal history if any (include juvenile record)

    There is a lot more to discuss. If you would like call my office (Nichols & Green pllc) for a free consultation at (703) 383-9222.

    Additionally, here are some weblinks to resources about Virginia breaking and entering law and destruction of property law.

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  • 3rd grand larceny/felony shoplifting charge in VA. 1st and 2nd reduced to misdemeanors. Help!!

    Am now seeking psychological help. What kind of time am I looking at? Other than paying restitution, getting mental health help and hiring attorney, any other suggestions to help my case?

    Luke’s Answer

    To know how much jail time you may be facing you need to sit down and calculate your sentencing guidelines and discuss all possible defenses. And remember jail time is only relevant if you are convicted.
    As far as preparing for trial I would recommend:
    1) Draft a detailed typed letter to your attorney spelling out every detail of this incident. Writing down what happened will help preserve your memory and will help communicate more effectively with your attorney.
    2) Write a detailed typed letter to your attorney explaining all about your background: hobbies, interests, jobs, education, community involvement, family life, and a complete juvenile and adult criminal history.
    3) Do LOTS of community service (50-100 hours minimum) and document what you did, where you did it, how it help the community and accompany it with letters from the people you helped.
    4) Gather character letters from family members, friends, members of the community. Each letter should be only a few paragraphs long and should only talk about why you are good person ect.
    5) Write a letter to your attorney explaining why you stole and then create a game-plan of changes in your life that you can make to avoid that situation in the future.

    There is a lot more we could talk about> Call our office (Nichols & Green pllc) anytime for a free consultation (703) 383-9222.

    For more information about how to defend against grand larceny charges check out the Nichols & Green pllc weblink bellow.

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  • If I am a juvenile and I was with an 18 year old who shoplifted, but I had no idea what happens?

    The amount was a grand larceny and she admitted to everything, but the store is still trying to file charges against me. I stayed quite and cried to myself when taken to the back because she was older and I was shocked. I did not want her thinking...

    Luke’s Answer

    If you have been caught shoplifting it is rarely a good idea to talk. The less you say the better. In the mean time you need talk to an attorney in more detail. We offer free consultations over the phone or in person so there is no reason not to talk to an attorney you can call any time and set up a time to talk (703) 383-9222. In the mean time if you would like to know more about shoplifting laws in Virginia check out our web page about Virginia shoplifting law:

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  • I was caught shoplifting ... do I have to pay this bill?

    I was recently caught shoplifting from a KMart store. All items were retrieved by security before I left the premises. I was taken back to the security bunker and forced to sign some forms. I just received a letter in the mail ordering me...

    Luke’s Answer

    Many of those letters are from attorney who are not licensed in va. I have seen some scam letters too. Get an attorney for your shoplifting case and show the letter to your attorney.

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  • How does thecourt deal with names?

    On my arrest warrant and other paper work that I received from my dui it has my middle name completely wrong. For instance let's say my middle name is Bob, the paper work says its Justin. Also the charge is list wrong as well. The charge should be...

    Luke’s Answer

    The 5 yr vs 10yr error is a very serious mistake abd will effect how long you go to jail and how long you cant drive. talk to an attorney ASAP!
    Name errors are common and don't affect the outcome of your case in most situations.

    Luke J Nichols
    Nichols & Green Pllc
    (703) 383-9222
    Fairfax, va

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