I probably had one of the most trying years last year in 2012. Kate was the one saving grace I had when it appeared all the chips were stacked against me in my divorce and other matters with the court. Kate was very diligent and thorough in her representation of me and helped to keep me grounded when the opposing side was being unreasonable, under-handed, abusive, and just flat out lying. Kate was able to peel back the onion piece by piece until the real truth came out and the tables turned for good in my direction. In the end she was able to have my divorce over in 6 months on the nose, she ensured I retained my home, and ultimately kept me from having to pay much more then the original reasonable offer I gave my ex-wife at the start of our Divorce.

Kate is a wonderful attorney and I am just glad she was on my side during this process and not on my ex's. The old saying goes you get what you pay for, well, Kate was worth every penny I spent on her and then some. I would highly recommend anyone in need a good Civil Attorney to consider hiring Kate, you will not be disappointed.