I hired attorney David Duff for a suit over $1 million. It was a big mistake. I've worked with a number of attorneys over the years and his work on my case was disgraceful. In my original meeting with Duff I made it clear I wanted him personally to handle the case and he gave me his word that he would be the one to do the majority of the work in the case. As the months went by I realized the man's word means nothing. For months before the case he did hardly anything while people with little experience did the work. Right at the time of two day trial He did a couple of hours of work and was unprepared for trial. Even though I had provided him with many important contradictions in the transcripts from the defendants testimony in four different previous trials, things that could have easily won my case. He didn't know these extremely important contradictions from his lack of preparation. It was the heart of the case. All that money in legal fees and all that time wasted because he did not prepare properly for the trial. He refunded a few thousand dollars of attorney fees for his lack of preparation. However that paled in comparison to the money I had paid him. All that time and energy lost because he not do his job properly. I was unable to get justice because did not do his job. Also when I sought legal advice on the law in a divorce he gave me was not correct.