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  • USCIS 'Threatening' my family. mothers work permit ran out, father her and I in states on an E2 visa.

    due to some complications with the company my father is with, my mothers work permit extension got filed late. it was then filed some time before it ran out. a week before it ran out she talked to a USCIS rep and they told her she can work for 90 ...

    Charles’s Answer

    There can be a lot of nuances involving E-2's. The facts of your case are a bit unclear; feel free to contact our office to discuss further and what options you have at this point, if you would like to resolve this matter. As I think you've unfortunately learned, don't believe what USCIS reps tell you (even thought they may mean well).

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  • Do i have a legal case against a car dealership that sold me a car that had some problems about 7 days after my 30 day warranty

    I bought a 04 vw beetle from a personal car dealership for 9,000. They have a policy that when they go purchase cars, they have their mechanics check under the hood, and they put it on their computer scanner to make sure it is in good condition to...

    Charles’s Answer

    Your options would require an experienced attorney to review your paperwork from the sale as well as the facts surrounding the sale and subsequent repair attempts. Based on the minimal info provided in your post, it certainly would appear you would have options to go against the dealership--and possibly the lender too, depending on the circumstances. The biggest question to support your claim against the dealer is whether the problem existed at the time of sale to you. First thing you need to do is have a different repair shop do an independent analysis of the car's problems. After that, I'd suggest going with that info and your purchase paperwork to an experienced auto fraud/lemon lawyer to see what options you have.

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  • Purchased a Bad Used Vehicle in VA from Private Party. Signed Addendum, Will it Hold Up in Court

    I purchased a vehicle for 3350 cash for a 2003 Oldsmobile. I have text messages stating the owner said the vehicle was in perfect working condition. I checked the title AFTER giving him the money and found out the car was in salvage. I signed an A...

    Charles’s Answer

    Based on your description, you likely have a strong fraud claim (not to mention breach of contract). However, given the dollar amount involved and the fact that you bought it from a private party may not make it cost effective to retain an attorney. Virginia has a fund that allows you to collect any judgments against licensed dealers in Virginia. However, in this case you're going after a private party, so even if you do prevail in court, you'll likely have to chase after the defendant and spend even more money to try to collect from him. Small claims might be the best route to go; if you don't prevail, you can always appeal in Circuit Court with the assistance of an attorney--if you're willing to shoulder those expenses.

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