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Mandeep Singh Chhabra

Mandeep Chhabra’s Answers

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  • I have a court ordered IID for 1 year. What I just say i don't want to drive anymore? Can I drive in DC if I move?

    DWI, IID

    Mandeep’s Answer

    A court ordered ignition interlock can be modified by the court. You have 90 days to ask for a reconsideration. If you don't want to drive anymore you can turn your license in to the MVA and let the court know you did so to avoid the IID requirement. It's still up to the court to waive that probationary requirement. DC is not likely to issue you a license if you turn you MD license in. There is no way to get around the IID requirement without getting the court to agree otherwise you are violating the terms of probation. You should contact the lawyer who represented you for the DUI and ask for a modification.

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  • My license are suspended for a judgement. What are my options?

    I went to renew my license and was told that my license was suspended for a judgement MAIF has against me. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years and have no way of paying the debt. It is very important for me to get my license back.

    Mandeep’s Answer

    You need to find out what the judgement is from. If it's a MAIF judgement you can contact them to see if you can work out an agreement. If it's a judgment from a law firm many will work with you to lift the suspension provided that you agree to make payments on the judgement. You have options. Do NOT continue to drive as you are going to only dig yourself a deeper hole.

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  • The judge ordered me to get an interlock. I hear there is a wavier I can get signed from my job to have it removed. true?

    Employment, DWI, Probation

    Mandeep’s Answer

    You can certainly request a waiver that allows you to drive a non-interlock work provided vehicle but you will only be able to drive that vehicle during work hours (restricted). You will still need to maintain an interlock in your personal vehicle. The waiver for employer provided vehicle is NOT a way to get around the interlock requirement. Moreover, the MVA is very hesitant to give the waiver to people who don't have restrictions on when they drive the work vehicle. Keep in mind that if you do this you will still regularly need to use your personal interlock equipped vehicle as there has to be a number (50+) starts a month. You should contact the lawyer that represented you in this matter for further guidance.

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