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  1. Can my condominium association break into my home to make unnecessary repairs then bill me for it?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Andrew L Jiranek
    2. Mark William Oakley
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    Your HOA can not breach the peace by breaking into your unit. If they do, you may call the police. You should so advise them in writing, so the HOA representatives do not claim they had your consent. If the HOA representatives do breach the peace, they can be personally liable. The HOA is responsible for the costs of repairing your door under the facts you provide. Reference is made to the HOA governance documents, a copy of which you should have or you should obtain. You may have to...

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  2. Can I sue my employer for breaking a verbal agreement with me.

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Andrew L Jiranek
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    You may have a claim for promissory estoppel. Under this doctrine, if a party makes a promise on which you rely to your detriment, you may be able to enforce the claim on equitable grounds. You might also have a claim for unjust enrichment, as the other party was enriched with your services unfairly. This would also be an equitable claim. But, you would not have a claim for breach of contract because your agreement was not reduced to writing. This claim would be likely barred by the statue...

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