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  1. Can I re-open my sons birth injury case after being dismissed , it was never being taken to trial.

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Jeffrey David Bohn
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    I cannot comment on California law, but as a general rule one's ability to re-file a dismissed case is dependent upon such factors as whether the case was dismissed with or without prejudice, whether the statute of limitations or statute of repose has expired, whether the case had been previously dismissed, etc. If you are unable to re-file the case then another avenue of recovery may exist. If the case was dismissed due to negligence on the part of your lawyers at the time, then your son (...

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  2. Vasectomy came undone?

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Robert B. Crary
    2. Thuong-Tri Nguyen
    3. Wayne M Willoughby
    4. Paul D Friedman
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    I would encourage you to investigate the matter; however, the human body is amazing and sometimes a properly performed vasectomy or sterilization will fail due to natural processes such as recanalization and fistula formation. The fact 10 years passed without incident would make me suspicious that the procedure was done properly and the late failure was due to the resiliency of the human body. Also there may be statute of limitations issues given the time that has passed. That would be a...

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  3. Definition of medical negligence

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Paul J Molinaro
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    The precise legal definition of medical malpractice varies from state to state but generally speaking involves any act or omission by a health care provider that deviates from accepted norms of practice (i.e., violates the “standard of care”) in the medical community and causes an injury to the patient. Some states define the relevant "medical community" broadly (i.e., how medicine is practice nationally--a "national standard of care"), others narrowly (i.e., how medicine is practiced in the...

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  4. Cerebral palsey due to medical malpractice

    Answered about 6 years ago.

    1. Lawrence Neil Rogak
    2. Jarrod Gregory King
    3. Wayne M Willoughby
    4. Paul Adams Lagnese
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    Simply have your sister contact me and we will figure it out together. Two of my 3 partners are doctors who became lawyers. (My third partner is a registered nurse who became a lawyer). We concentrate our practice on representing children with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence.

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  5. Medical malpractice?

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. Christian K. Lassen II
    2. Wayne M Willoughby
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    A medical malpractice lawyers would want to know the residual effects from the code incident -- How is she doing now?. If there is no permanent damage from the incident, most lawyers would suggest that pursuing the matter as a medical malpractice would be economically unwise. I suggest, however, that you speak directly with a medical malpractice attorney, who would conduct a thorough interview and perhaps review the medical records for you and your wife.

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