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Keith R Havens

Keith Havens’s Legal Guides

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  • 12 Rules for Being Deposed

    12 RULES FOR BEING DEPOSED Your deposition has been noted, either as a party to litigation or as a witness. You are not sure what to expect or how to act.The following will explain what to expect and how to comport yourself during the deposition. A deposition is an opportunity fo...

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  • Maryland Custody: Considerations on Whether to Appeal

    You tried your custody case in Maryland and you are unhappy with the Judge's decision. Now you are cosidering whether or not to appeal the decision. In considerating your options, you should understand the legal frame work within which your appeal will be heard. First of all, you...

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  • Obtaining Jurisdiction over an Out of State Defendant in a Civil Conspiracy

    You have been wronged by two (2) persons or entities acting in collusion. One person or entity is within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Maryland and the other is outside the jurisdiction. How can you obtain jurisdition over the second? "It is clear today that physical presence...

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  • Obtaining Discovery Responses in a Custody Case When Party Refuses to Respond

    In the case of Rolley v. Sanford, 126 Md. App. 124, 727 A.2d 444 (1999), the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland addressed the issue of actions available to a trial court in the instance in which the question before the trial involved a determination as to the "best interests of...

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