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Thomas Kavanagh’s client reviews

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  • Unresponsive and Frustrating!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Melissa

    Still waiting for this office to collect a settled claim from City of Baltimore that is 2.5 years old. Consistently get "run-a-round" on phone. Receptionist indicates that we must speak with attorney directly for updates yet he always seems to be "out of office" and "unavailable". Never heard of an attorney that doesn't have staff to answers these types of questions. However, staff is probably frustrated at getting the angry client calls and refuse to be the "gate keepers" any longer. I don't blame them. Very, very frustrating! Very poor representation of Geico with respect to their choice in legal representation.

  • Attorney Thomas Kavanagh

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peggy and Vincent

    I was actually the defendant in a case for which I was sued. Although Attorney Thomas Kavanagh represented the plaintiff, he treated us with the utmost respect. It was a pleasure working with him in finding a solution that worked for the plaintiff as well as myself. He was very responsive to our inquiries. We could not afford legal representation but he did not take advantage of the situation. I'm truly grateful to him.

  • Frustrated

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    This is a horrible firm. They are totally unresponsive. I had a Geico issue which was paid off in 2007 from the proceeds of a refinance, and sent directly to them. They claim to have never received it, caused my license to be suspended in 2011, and demanded that I enter into a monthly payment agreement which I did back in January of this year. Still don't have my license back, because MVA is waiting on them to send paperwork.

  • Ms.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Debt Settlement client

    They are not honest, do not return phone calls, only speaks with you when you want to talk about payments, etc. if you ask them to clarify a document they sent, they will not call you back until a day or so prior to the deadline or after the deadline so they can file negative suits against the defendant, which is un ethical. Every time I call their office, either they don't know anything about my case, or the attorney who is handling my case is always "in court" however, they handle most of their cases by mail, so Attorney Thomas Kavanagh says. Attorney Tina Holmes, never responds to my messages, voice mails, nor the messages left with Mr. Kavanagh or their Administrative Assistant. When I made an arrangement with Mr. Kavanagh, he did not relay the conversation exactly how I stated, they agreed to not file a judgement, and did it anyway, then told me I can go back and appeal it. Which is not what we agreed to when I made the payment arrangement. Then when I called back to have him explain why the agreement is different, he has no answers, instead he told me to speak with Ms. Holmes, whom I have never spoken to and can not get a return call from. Mr. Kavanagh thought it was amusing that I they filed a judgement against me and I should go and appeal it. In fact, I was never served court documents nor given the court information until the day of court. They information that was filed against me was for a alleged accident from 4 years ago with an address that I lived at 8 years ago and my former name that I haven't used for 7years. When I asked for the evidence they have stating my vehicle was in an alleged accident and why are they using information that is over 4 years older than the alleged accident? They could not supply me with the information and refuse to return my calls unless I am talking about paying the debt. Unless I hire an attorney (which I am disabled and can not afford) I am paying for a debt and can not get the proper information. So I have been strong armed to pay a debt I don't owe, if Ido hire an attorney, its gonna cost me the same as paying the debt. This law firm is very unethical and unprofessional!