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Nicole E Kinsey

Nicole Kinsey’s Legal Guides

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  • 4 Documents Every Parent With Minor Children Should Have

    If you have minor children, then you need a comprehensive guardianship plan to ensure your children will always be taken care of if something happens to you and your spouse, if you are married. A comprehensive guardianship plan is a set of instructions and legal documents to esta...

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  • Why Every Adult Needs an Estate Plan

    Estate planning allows you to get your affairs in order in the event you become incapacitated or die. A Will, which is the most basic estate planning tool, contains a written set of instructions to your loved ones as to how you want your estate to be distributed after your death....

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  • How Often Should You Review Your Estate Plan?

    You paid good money for a comprehensive estate plan to protect your family and assets. So, when was the last time you reviewedit? An old, outdated estate plan is basically no good to you or your family, so take a little time to have your plan reviewed to make sure it will work t...

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  • Trust vs Will: Which is Right for You?

    How do you know if you need a Trust instead of a simple Will? Many people assume that Revocable Living Trusts are only for the wealthy, but Revocable Living Trusts have benefits even for the average person. If your life or financial situation fits into one or more of these catego...

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  • 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing A Guardian

    Naming only permanent guardians. Usually parents name permanent guardians for their minor children in their Wills. While this is a good thing to do, it does not fully protect your children in the eve

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  • 5 Tips for Getting Started with your Estate Plan

    Make a list of your current assets and liabilities. To start the estate planning process, you should have an understanding of your current financial situation. You can do this by listing all of your

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