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Sonya A Smith-Valentine

Sonya Smith-Valentine’s Legal Guides

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  • What to Do if You Are an Identity Theft Victim

    If you are a victim of identity theft, take the following steps as soon as possible. Keep a record with the details of your conversations and copies of all correspondence.

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  • How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

    When someone else uses your name, social security number, or other personal information to commit fraud, it is called identity theft. Rebuilding good credit in the aftermath of identity theft can take months or even years. You can reduce your chances of identity theft by taking a few simple steps.

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  • 5 Red Flags When Shopping for a Mortgage

    Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics Don't trust ads promising "No Credit? No Problem!". If your lender discourages questions or asks you to leave any part of the application blank, you should walk awa

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  • 5 Tips for Protecting Your Checking Account

    Don't Give Your Bank Account Information to Anyone You Don't Know Don't give out your bank account information for transactions unless you are familiar with the company you are dealing with. If you

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