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Erik CJ Anderson

Erik Anderson’s Legal Guides

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  • Factors to Consider When Filing an EB2 Versus EB3 Case for India IT Professionals

    The followingsummarizesfactors toconsiderin making a determination whether an IT professionalshould be processed in the EB2 versus EB3 category. Many employees are under the impression that they should automatically be considered for EB2 processing if they qualify for the categor...

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  • Naturalization Basics

    Requirements for Naturalization Foreign nationals must meet basic requirements to be eligible for United States citizenship. Specifically, the Applicant must: • Be admitted to permanent resident st

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  • Questions and Answers About Green Card Quotas and Backlogs

    What is the Green Card quotabacklog? The total number of employment based Immigrant Visas allotted in any Fiscal Year (October 1 through September 30) is fixed at 140,000.

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  • An Overview of the PERM Labor Certification Process

    Introduction The final PERM regulation took effect on March 28, 2005. PERM cases are filed on an ETA Form 9089, which can be filed electronically or by mail. No other documentation will be filed wi

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  • How do I extend my H-1B visa beyond the 6 year limit?

    Permanent Residency Sponsorship Make sure that your employer sponsors you for permanent residency before your 5th year is up in H-1B status. Stop the H-1B clock If your employer sponsors you for perm

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