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Kamal Nawash

Kamal Nawash’s Legal Guides

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  • Eligibility Requirements for Student Visas

    J - Exchange Visitor Visa In general, this category is open to foreign students, au pairs, scholars, doctors, medical students, business and industrial trainees and others participating in U.S. gover

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  • What is Deportation?

    ARE YOU FACING DEPORTATION? Deportation of immigrants may result as a consequence for entering the United States illegally. You can also be deported if you have committed a serious crime. Once depor

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  • Car Accidents

    How long does take to settle an injury claim? Settlement depends largely on the injury, the at fault party, the insurance company, the insurance adjuster and the attorneys involved. The time for sett

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  • Divorce & Child Support

    Residency Most states have a residency requirement for filing a petition for divorce or dissolution, which simply means that if you are filing for a divorce in that state, you must have lived there f

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  • Immigration--Marriage & Family

    Overview and Process A lawful permanent resident is a foreign national who has been granted the privilege of permanently living and working in the United States. If you want to become a lawful perman

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  • Traffic & Criminal Law

    What are your Rights People accused of serious traffic violations are entitled to all constitutional protections provided to criminal defendants, including the right to a court-appointed attorney and

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