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  1. I was hit by a car while walking across a pedestrian walkway how much should my settlement be?

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Brian Mccabe Glass
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. Allan M Siegel
    4. Peter Anthony Jabaly
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    It sounds like you are still injured since you are still having headaches and having difficulty walking on the side of your body that was injured. The persistent headaches suggest you may have suffered a head injury (concussion). These sound like serious injuries and you are entitled to recover the costs of all of your medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering. It is impossible to know how much because you are still hurt, but it likely would be a significant...

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  2. What is the approximate settlement amount for an auto accident concussion/TBI?

    Answered 9 months ago.

    1. Allan M Siegel
    2. Mishka L Marshall
    3. David Herman Hirsch
    4. Andrew Daniel Myers
    5. Scott R. Scherr
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    It is impossible to answer your question at this time, because it is unknown as to when you will recover from the exacerbation of the first concussion. While most people recover from the effects of a concussion, your chances of a full recovery decrease with each successive concussion. That is why this has become such a serious issue in the NFL with sending players back into games before they have recovered from concussions. Unfortunately for you, you were injured while still suffering the...

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  3. This lady hit my car but she has not filed a claim with her insurance

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Allan M Siegel
    2. Jeffrey Mark Adams
    3. John L. Schroeder
    4. David A. Papa
    5. Christian K. Lassen II
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    I would suggest that you report this to your insurance company. They will pay your damages, less your deductible, and they will go after the other insurance company to get their money and your deductable back. This way you won't have to chase your insurance company down. If you were injured I would strongly suggest that you consult with a personal injury lawyer. Good luck.

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  4. My car was wrecked on drivers side by a driver who entered the road without making a stop,hospital sais im ok,what next?

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Allan M Siegel
    2. Scott R. Scherr
    3. Brandy Ann Peeples
    4. Jeffrey Mark Adams
    5. Zaheer A Shah
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    Just because the hospital says you are OK, does not mean that you are not hurt. If you are having pain, then you should consult with a specialist. You are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The amount you are entitled to for pain and suffering will depend on the extent and duration of your injuries. I would suggest that you consult with a Maryland personal injury lawyer. The initial consultation is free and you do not pay a fee unless...

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  5. Can I claim movers and painters to my personal injury claim?

    Answered 24 days ago.

    1. Larry David King
    2. Ronald Gene Meyers
    3. Zaheer A Shah
    4. Allan M Siegel
    5. Sandra Martin Rohrstaff
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    The wrongdoer is responsible for all reasonable out of pocket expenses you incur as result of their negligence. If you now need to hire someone to do something that you ordinarily could have done on your own, then in my opinion you would be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, the insurance company is not likely to agree, which is why you need a good lawyer fighting for you. In addition, a concussion, as you must already be aware, can be a very serious injury. You are entitled to...

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  6. I was in a car accident where a car rear ended my mothers ( I was in the passenger seat) then hit a phone line and crashed back.

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Gabriel Dante Mazzitelli
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. Lewis Maurice Silber
    4. Scott R. Scherr
    5. David Herman Hirsch
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    I will answer both of your questions. Do you have a case? - the answer is a definite yes. When another car strikes you from the rear, in most situations the rearending driver is responsible for the damages that he or she caused. That includes damage to your vehicle, hospital and medical expenses, and any lost wages that you incur. It also includes compensation for pain, suffering, and inconvenience. Should you sue? That is a personal decision. However, you likely won't have to "sue"...

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  7. Do I need a lawyer if a police car hit me at the light?

    Answered 9 months ago.

    1. Patrick Brian Newsom
    2. Rixon Charles Rafter III
    3. Michael R Crosner
    4. Allan M Siegel
    5. Christian K. Lassen II
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    If you were injured, you probably should contact a lawyer. A case against a police officer or the county or city, has special hurdles which you have to jump through, depending on the state. You will likely need a lawyer to get it right. If you don't get it right within the time frame that the law says that you have to do so, you could lose the right to make a claim. You also may have a much more limited time to file your claim then you would if it was just against a regular driver.

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  8. I was hit by an insured motorist. Now, their insurance company is telling me that I have to go after their driver and not them.

    Answered 17 days ago.

    1. Allan M Siegel
    2. Benjamin David Stirling
    3. Nicholas Ernest Kosmas
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    Unfortunately, the insurance company is right. In your lawsuit you need sue the driver. The insurance company will assign him a lawyer and will pay any judgment, but the law requires that the action be against the insured not the insurance company. Good luck.

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  9. Hit in rear

    Answered 6 months ago.

    1. Allan M Siegel
    2. Jamie Lynn Karek
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    5. Christopher Campbell Booberg
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    If you were injured I would suggest you consult with an attorney. You are entitled to be compensated for any incurred medical expenses, lost wages and for pain and suffering. You will need to deal with the wrongdoer's insurance company to obtain compensation. The insurance company will only be concerned with their bottom line and they will not have your best interest in mind. You need to make sure that you are adequately prepared and represented.

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  10. Can I sue the driver for pain and suffering?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Joshua Samuel Berman
    2. Allan M Siegel
    3. Lawrence Roger Holzman
    4. Michael H Feldman
    5. Thomas C Valkenet
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    Usually not. The insurance company is representing the driver, and they are not going to pay you, unless you sign a Release of all claims. Typically this Release will "release" the negligent driver and the insurance company form all future claims. I would strongly suggest that you speak to a highly rated AVVO attorney before settling any claims, or signing any documents.

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