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Ghassan Marwan Shihab

Ghassan Shihab’s Legal Guides

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  • How to File a Fiance Visa

    Filing Petition For Fiance Visa Though the regulatory standard for fiancé visa is relatively simple in that the US Citizen and the foreign national must have met in person once during the 2 years pri

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  • How to Port your I-485 to another employer

    Make Certain that your I-140 is approved & 180 days passed since the filing of your I-485 In order to successfully port your green card to another employer, you must make certain that your I-140 is a

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  • How to File a Spousal Petition

    File Petition for Alien Relative This petition is intended to designate the US Citizen spouse as a relative to a US Citizen and therefore, she or he is eligible to file for permanent residence concur

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  • How to Apply for a Specialty Occupation (H-1b) Visa

    File a Labor Condition Application with the US Departmnet of Labor The first step requires the US employer to complete an online application process and to fulfill certain notice and documentary requ

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