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Raymond Millien

Raymond Millien’s Legal Guides

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  • Saving Money on Initial Patent and Trademark Services: Tips for Small Businesses

    I have previously discussed that it is clear to me that the economic downturn has lessened the appetite for companies to spend money on anything not perceived as a necessary business expense. The importance of intellectual property (IP) rights in a 21st century, knowledge economy...

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  • Within a University Community, Who Owns Newly-Created IP?

    I was recently contacted by a world-renowned professor who was seeking advice about a piece of intellectually property (IP) he created, and that his university was profitably exploiting. Who owned the IP? Can he exploit it himself? Was he entitled to share in the proceeds above a...

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  • Have An Idea For A New Product That I Want To Pitch To A Few Companies, How Can I Protect Myself?

    First, the idea of an individual pitching a half-baked new product or service idea to a large company is DOA (dead on arrival). If you are serious about your idea (i.e., you really believe it has merit), then some time and money should first be invested in the idea. That is, s...

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  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions: A Checklist for SMEs

    I have often written that the lifeblood of any small (and especially high-technology) enterprise is the intellectual property (IP) that it controls or potentially controls. In other words, the short-term salability, the long-term profitability, and the eventual ability to und...

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  • Do Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) Really Work?

    The short answer is yes. Consider this true story: A small Kansas firm with newly-developed IP meets with representatives from a large, leading technology company in the hopes of licensing the IP. The parties enter into an NDA which covers the subject matter of the meeting. La...

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