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Jill Gehman Koestel

Jill Koestel’s client reviews

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  • too bad they didn't have a zero rating

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    Set up a teleconference with my ex and her lawyer for 2:00.When I called at 2,she told me the conference was over!She and my exe's attorney and my exe already had the meeting!She went in ill prepared and I lost on EVERY SINGLE COUNT.She didn't know the values of the assets to be divided which was to be brought out at the meeting which I never had the chance to attend and also my exe's income compared to mine.Ten years after the fact ,my exe is still laughing

  • Definitely does not live up to her reputation!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Was refered to her by several local attorneys who said she was "the best" in Berks County. The best what is what I would like to know. She definitely DID NOT live up to her reputation. Was not receptive to what questions were asked or information given to her to help with divorce and child support. Seemed as though she was representing my ex instead of me. Did not follow through effectively on blantant contempt by ex. It was if she was bothered by it all! Always sided with the defense lawyer and expected me to accept their offers even though it was definitely not in the best interest of myself nor my children. Was definitely not worth the money she charges to represent someone. I had to call to see where things stood constantly, thank God I did I would have missed several appointments with DRS as well as court dates as well as a conference meeting to agree on post nuptual agrreement which she suggested I not sit in and wait in her office. Process of divorce took almost 2years when it should have clearly been over in less time due to a history of domestic violence and obvious infidelity of ex. Will not recommend her to anyone unless they want to pay to be raked over the coals.

  • Dont ask any questions

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    I did a lot of research to be educated. She fought me tooth and nail, saying that I wouldnt get this or that. I felt as though she was working for opposing counsel. She did not want to even negotiate a deal, she wanted me to take what opposing counsel was offering. She literally screamed at me during a court hearing and was in my face for I refused to settle on an issue. I even had to bring a friend along in my meetings with her for I was astounded that she was acting this way. My friend , had to say to her several times to stop raising her voice please. I would not let her intimidate me. She did not want me to bring my CDFA along with me to the settlement table. Thank goodness I did for they were able to get me a good deal.
    I would email her a list of questions and she would only answer one of them and them I had to email again and she would only answer another one. She was charged me each time she answered one question. I even listed the questions in a 1,2,3 format and request that she answer all questions in one email. My mother, who works for a law firm of a state senator, was appalled by her behavior and suggested that that I bring this attorney to the attention of a peer review for attorneys are rated. At the very least, she informed me that I should switch attorneys for this one was definitely not working for me.
    Overall, if you are not well educated, and do not ask questions , you might get along with her. My advice would be just dont question her. I obtained a fair deal by my negotiations (Ms. Koestel said I would not get what I wanted and would not ask for it. So much for representing me. I dropped her right after settlement and obtained Scott Jacobs who is fantastic and fought hard for me during custody disputes.