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  1. My ex quit her job right before she filed for child support

    Answered 4 months ago.

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    2. Kathleen Bilotta Vetrano
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    Child support is determined by guidelines. The court uses the net monthly income of each parent and then applies the guidelines. Sometimes, a parent's income will not reflect that parent's earning capacity and the court can substitute earning capacity for actual earnings. The application of an earning capacity is not straight forward though, further analysis would be needed. Also, whenever there is a significant change of circumstances, the court will modify a child support obligation after...

  2. What forms to I need to file with the courts to get a my child support reduced and to contest the my paternity

    Answered almost 6 years ago.

    1. Deanna L. Siegel
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    3. Kathleen Bilotta Vetrano
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    You should go to the domestic relations section of your county court to ask for forms to file a petition to modify your child support. The court should schedule a hearing to review the incomes of the parents to determine what the child support amount should be. Contesting paternity is a more difficult question as you may have already acknowledged paternity or be presumed to be the father. The people at the domestic relations of the court may be able to give you assistance on this question.