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Frank P. Murphy

Frank Murphy’s Legal Guides

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  • Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Injury Considerations

    Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls are everyday occurrences. These injuries could be at home, in a public place, on a sidewalk, at work or in a commercial establishment. One of the initial reactions to almost every individual who slips, trips or falls is embarrassment. Ex...

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  • Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Considerations

    Medical Malpractice Medical providers, such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists, hospitals, and nursing homes are all part of the health care delivery system upon which we rely. When one of these providers renders negligent care which causes injury, compensation may be due ...

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  • Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

    Workers Compensation When a person is injured at work it can be one of the most frustrating and difficult experiences with the legal system. The injured worker suddenly has a hundred questions, and no one to answer them. The employer tells the employee one thing, the Workers'...

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