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Case Conclusion Date: 11.16.2011

Practice Area: Car Accidents

Outcome: A six figure settlement was reached with the insurance company that fairly and adequately compensated our client.

Description: In February 2010 our client was injured when a car made a left hand turn directly in front of our client’s vehicle. He was hit with such force that his car spun clockwise and came to rest approximately 15 feet away from the point of initial impact. Our client was taken by ambulance from the scene to Christiana Care Hospital where he was admitted as a patient and diagnosed with a concussion, a subdural hematoma and a renal laceration. While most of his injuries healed over time, he continued to complain of poor concentration and confusion and nystagmus in his eyes. In June 2010. Our client saw a neurologist in West Chester who diagnosed “horizontal nystagmus” and post concussion syndrome. Nystagmus is an abnormal and involuntary movement of the eyeballs from side to side. It is not painful, but it appears odd to the observer. Post concussion syndrome frequently occurs in auto accidents when the driver or passenger hits his head on something like the steering wheel or the car door. Symptoms of post-concussions syndrome include persistent headache, vertigo and memory loss. Seven months after the accident our client was still having headaches daily and occasional dizziness. His memory and concentration had improved but he still had horizontal nystagmus in both right and left eyes. In April 2011 our client saw a neuro-opthamologist who rendered the opinion that the client suffered nystagmus from the traumatic brain injury which was a result of the car accident of February 2010, and that it was unlikely that he would recover. This was a difficult and unusual case.

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