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Robert Francis Zielinski

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  • I have downloaded authentic College logos in my area to use on Tshirts, can I sale Tshirts at craft shows using the logos?

    I have embrodiery authentic logs to put on tshirts to sale at craft shows. Can I get in trouble for selling them?

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  • Product images on the website

    I am in the process of creating a website which uses various products from industry leaders for electronic components. As this website is going to be a product comparision site, my question is do I need to get permission from all the manufacturers...

    Robert’s Answer

    Generally speaking the use of another's copyrighted images for purposes of comparative advertising or product comparison has been routinely held to be a "fair use". In a case mostly on point, about 10 years ago, Sony objected to the use of screen shot images from its PlayStation by a third party. At issue was the showing what an actual game screen shot looked like when played with the PlayStation console on a television screen, versus what it looked like when played with the alleged infringer's emulator on a computer screen. That court (9th Cir.) found that the use satisfied the statutory requirement for Fair Use on the grounds that comparative advertising redounds greatly to the purchasing public’s benefit with very little corresponding loss to the integrity of Sony’s copyrighted material."; nature of the copyrighted work, neither supported nor hurt the alleged infringer, and that the amount taken supported the fair use defense because a screen shot is such an insignificant portion of the copyrighted work as a whole. Lastly, that court held that the use of a handful of screen shots would have "no noticeable effect on Sony’s ability to do with its screen shots what it choose, and thus, it had no effect on the market for the copyrighted work.

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