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  • My attorney never billed me monthly even tho I asked many times. I just found he was on ineligible list to practice too. Now ?

    Asked by a user in Piscataway, NJ - over 6 years ago.

    I am very sorry you are having so many difficutlies with your attorney. Attorney fees in New Jersey are subject to mandatory fee arbitration. You are in Middlesex County, here is a link for more...

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  • Arbitration,debt collection

    Asked by a user in Pennsylvania - over 7 years ago.

    A failure to validate the debt is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and would entitled yout to statutory recovery together with an award of legal fees. However all that is...

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  • What are the proceudres for filing bankruptcy in PA state

    Asked by a user in Plymouth Meeting, PA - over 6 years ago.

    You can certainly file for protection under the bankruptcy code. A consigner on a loan or account is as liable for the obligations as the account owner. Depending on the amount due and the...

  • Can I keep my house but still file bankruptcy?

    Asked by a user in Blue Bell, PA - about 5 years ago.

    Generally, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you will be able to keep your house. You will need to pay the arrears under the mortgage over a 60 month terms and the regular payments as you go.

  • Are there bank accounts that have protection against a levy

    Asked by a user in Morristown, NJ - about 5 years ago.

    Generally accounts are leviable in New Jersey. The name on the account and the judgment must match for the levy to be succesful, Certain ERISA accounts, IRA, etc are protected against levy as a...

  • Bad Payroll checks cashed at a Check Cashing store.

    Asked by a user in Union City, NJ - over 5 years ago.

    Under a strict reading of the law, you are liable as the endorser of the check (you signed the back) to the check cashing store. You have a claim against the Company for not honoring is check. You...

  • Old Employer withholding back pay

    Asked by a user in New Jersey - over 6 years ago.

    There is a simple answer to this question - NO. By statute in New Jersey, th employer must pay you for all time worked and may not hold your check. Your best option is to file a complaint with the...

  • Husband depositing IRS checks into his own account without 2 signatures required

    Asked by a user in Redmond, OR - over 7 years ago.

    If the check was payable to both you and your husband, and both parties did not endorse the check then I would notify the IRS and the payor that the check was wrongfully endorsed. If a new check is...

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  • File Bankruptcy

    Asked by a user in Tampa, FL - almost 6 years ago.

    Yes in a chapter 13 you can receive a discharge for all or part of your unsecured debt while keeping your house. You will need to pay all the arrears on the house over a sixty month period and...