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  1. Unemployment/worker's comp

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    It sounds like you are now out of work, still injured and without income. This leaves you with two options. Unemployment Comp and/or Workers' Comp. UC is limited in time and taxable. Workers Comp is much less limited and not taxable. Your receipt of Unemployment would also reduce the amount of workers' comp per week if both benefits are received at the same time. Also workers' comp would pay for your medical treatment for the work injury. I would suggest pursuing a workers comp claim now....

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  2. Does the workers comp insurance co. have the right to choose a doctor for me after the 90 days are up?

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

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    The simple answer is - No. After 90 days you may treat with a doctor you choose and workers' comp will pay for the treatment so long as it is reasonable and necessary treatment for the work injury. You should choose your Doctor wisely because he or she may have to support you and testify on your behalf at some point in the future. Also, many people feel limited because they "only" have workers' compensation to pay for their medical treatment. This should not be the case. You should treat...

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  3. Can you appeal a workmans comp judges final decission?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    Yes you may file an appeal to the Judge's Decision within 20 days of it being issued. The appeal would be filed with the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board. The next and more complicated level of appeal would be to the Commonwealth Court of PA. Although you have the right to appeal, the outcome of any appeal is not guaranteed. In order to be successful on appeal you typically must demonstrate a clear legal error by the Judge or prove the Judge's decision in not based on substantial evidence....

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