Michael McHale, a Lawyer now associated with the Law Firm of Kenneth G. Reidenbach, II is absolutely the best lawyer I have encountered. Not only is he knowlegeable about the law, he progressively advances the cause of his client, seeking his utmost to free his client of wrongful events and happenings. In the courtroom he was stern, but still spoke respectfully, because in my opinion he was doing all he could to work for me and effectuate an acceptable outcome. Outside of Court, he is soft spoken and very personable, taking an interest in his client's needs in emotionally distressing situations. On more than one occasion, recognizing my distress, he invited me to go out for a casual lunch to talk about sports and other subjects. In a sense, he has become my friend as well as an excellent attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend this good man to anyone in need of a good, understanding, caring lawyer.