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Bernard Ilkhanoff

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  • C&y took my children after reunication the refused to give me a court date the said I was abusing my 6 yr lack of poof

    reunification on my 3 youngst was over at the end of nov they refused me a court date finny on dec 20 I got a court date the foster mother that has my 10 an 6 yr said I had slapped him while giving him a bath at 4 she found the mark at 730-8 an to...

    Bernard’s Answer

    You should have received petitions and court orders detailing what has occured in your case. I suggest that you immediately meet with an attorney who is familiar with dependency law to ascertain your legal rights to your children. If you are without financial means, contact the judge's chambers and reqeust free legal counsel. Just don't wait too long to get compentent legal advice as you may lose your children involuntarily. I'm happy to help and have attached my website for furhter information about us. Good luck!

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  • How many years imprisonment can someone face for charges involving deviant sexual intercourse with a child under age 13?

    Someone is currently facing 9 felony charges for child sexual abuse under the age of 13, the charges are... (Lead) Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse with child, Aggrevated Indecent Assault- Comp. Less than 13 years old, Indecent Assault Perso...

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    Unfortunately, these charges are very serious and have significant repercussions. Furthermore, these cases are far too complex to discuss in this forum. The individual is best off securing competent legal counsel immediately to address the charges vigorously.

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