Mr. Davidson insisted that our case was not a big deal, the prosecutor wasn't interested in prosecuting minor offenses like ours, that it was a 3rd degree misdeanor, one step above a summary offense. Even as we were signing the paper pleading guilty, just to get this all behind us, he said this. But it turned out we pled guilty to a 1st degree misdeanor as a sex offender and he never told us. When, after discovering this at the first meeting with the probation officer and we confronted him, Mr. Davidson said (and I quote!) "So I made a mistake" with a "so what?" attitude. Then he said that by the time an appeal went through that the sentence would be almost done, so what's the point in appealing!!!
We thought from early on that he had way too much braggadoccio, was arrogant, etc., but we'd already paid his fee and we felt we couldn't switch to someone else. Now with our reputation ruined and our future a wreck (being listed as a sex offender for the rest of one's life!), we are trying to salvage what we can. Another lawyer, thousands of dollars more, mental anguish, desperately hoping that it's not too yourself a favor and hire someone else!!!