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Sean Michael Shultz

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  • Can my child support increase now that I am Married with a baby on the way?

    I have been paying child support for my daughter for over 9 yrs. my ex & I have joint custody (my daughter is 11). My wife & I married 5 yrs ago & we are expecting & we just purchased a new house. I recently recieved a letter of modification. the...

    Sean’s Answer

    Child support is dependent upon a number of factors. To get a true analysis of your situation, you really need to sit down with an attorney who can review every aspect of your case. That said, the simple fact that you are married will not necessarily increase your support. Depending upon what your prior support order was based on, you could see support go up or do or stay about the same based on you getting married. The only thing that is affected by your marriage for support purposes is your tax filing status. You can now file "Married, filing jointly" and that may increase your net income (by reducing your taxes) if you were previously filing single.

    A baby on the way, will not affect your support. When the baby is born, you will then be responsible for supporting that child. Therefore, your obligation to support your new baby would be factored in, and you could see a downward adjustment in support due to this change in your circumstances.

    You also may have seen an increase in income since your last support order. As I said, there are numerous issues at play in a support calculation. As I said, the best thing to do would be to meet with an attorney. It would be impossible to cover everything in this setting online.

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