My wife and I had used Mr. John for several years when refinancing or buying property. When we needed him for our divorce, he represented us both in a mediation situation. During the mediation, he gave her everything she wanted and would not listen to my side of anything. When I paid him, he cashed my check immediately, but took over a month to write up our paperwork. After we signed it, unknown to me, he never filed it with the court system. After the 3 months were up and I thought our divorce was just about final, I am told by him that it hadn't yet been filed. Needless to say, we hired, seperate, different attorneys. He would take weeks to respond to a phone call. Went on frequent 'vacations' and was completely unreachable. He did not know the law. There were several things I had to point out to him, keeping myself from getting taken advantage of. I had to do all the paperwork, research and grunt work. I never got any money back from him, even though he never did anything besides write up the paperwork.