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Bernard C. Caputo

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  • Am I able to be sued over a used car purchase by the buyer?

    I advertised a 1994 vehicle with 30,000 miles on Ebay. I provided 40+ pictures of the car & had a few detailed paragraphs describing the condition and vehicle overall. He was from another state & bought the car outside of Ebay & had it shipped t...

    Bernard’s Answer

    Certainly he can sue you. But the real question is whether he can win. He must sue you in Pa. and prove that you either fraudulently misrepresented the car or negligently misrepresented the condition of the car. It goes to your knowledge and what you told him. The fact that he did not personally see the car or hire someone to look at it is a strong plus for you. He should have hired mechanic here to review before he bought car. Although there are no guarantees he has a difficult case. You should put together all of the documnets you have regarding the car and photos, including papers from your purchase. How long you owned vehicle may come into play and whether you are in business of selling cars.

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