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James Westman’s client reviews

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  • Do not use, bad lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    After the end of my case, numerous people have asked me if I even had a lawyer. It was clear at the end of my case that Westman Law Firm was not on my side. I used him for a divorce/custody case.

    When I hired James Westman he made numerous assurances. He told me not to worry and that with his experience he could take care of my case. He told me to call him any time if I had concerns. I did call him frequently to ask for advice. Typically while on the phone he did not appear to be listening and was unresponsive. His court preparation consisted of nothing. He spent hours asking me basic questions about my education and did not ask or discuss anything relevant to the case.

    When my hearings took place, he sent his son (whom I had never met or spoken to) to court in his place. The process was clearly drawn out to get more money. He suggested various strategies which were shot down by the court and were clearly going nowhere. What he said in court and what he wrote in his correspondence contained factual mistakes. Often when on the phone he forgot basic details of my case. When I tried to call him shortly before our final hearing he did not return my calls. He did not call me during our scheduled final preparation. In court he seemed unprepared and he gave my ex what he wanted. He also made mistakes which were then contained in our court order. At the end, my ex got just what he wanted and I felt like I had no one representing my interests.

    At the end, he made decisions which were clearly against my wishes. Also, he assured me numerous times what would NOT happen, and then that is exactly what happened when in court. I felt totally thrown under the bus at our final court appearance.

    I feel that he runs on auto pilot and does not give good counsel. He does not care about the welfare of his clients. I paid thousands of dollars for nothing. I would have been better served showing up to court by myself.

  • You do NOT want to work with this attorney!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    James Westman represented me in a divorce proceeding where my (now ex) husband had been his classmate. He was responsible for my signing a separation agreement that NO reputable attorney would have had his client sign. It cost me thousands of dollars that I did not have to support a man who was completely capable of supporting himself. A judge read over this agreement and found a "loophole" that got me mostly off the hook - then the judge suggested that I had not been properly represented, and gave me the opportunity to fire Mr. Westman and find more competent counsel, which I promptly did.

    What's more, the papers that needed to be filed for the divorce, and for the transfer of property, were never filed. Mr. Westman is less than ethical, and less than competent.