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Shari Reich’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Wonderful Attorney

    Shari Jo was wonderful. She returned every email promptly - even when I was rambling on about things that had no relevance in the divorce world. I think she was tough when she had to be and compassionate when it was needed. She may not hold your hand the way you'd like, but she's there for you when the chips are down. She remembered everything we had agreed to better than I did. I would strongly recommend her to anyone going through a separation or divorce.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken


    Did a great job considering what she had to deal with throughout a rather lengthly process. She went the extra mile after Judge ruled I had to pay ex-wife's Attorney fees. We won the Appeal which restored my faith in the Legal System.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I strongly recommend Shari Jo

    I retained Shari Jo to handle a post-divorce custody petition. My ex-husband sued to change custody because I was moving to a new town with my new husband. I consulted other attorneys before retaining Shari Jo, and even had to fire my previous counsel because he did not give me the clear answers to questions that I needed to move forward with my life and raise my children. Shari Jo did. From the first moment I consulted her she was up front with me about what I could expect, what would work, and what would not. She was confident, and everything that she said should happen in the case happened. She gave me different advice than some of the other attorneys I talked to, and in the end, her analysis was the correct one. I chose well. She is reputed as one of the best family law attorneys in Buffalo, and I would go as far as saying she is the best. The custody suit was the most emotionally difficult thing I have ever went through, much worse than my divorce. She did the only thing a lawyer can do in that situation: she had my back at every turn and won. The case resolved on even better terms than I had hoped or expected. Instead of losing time with my children, I received more time. She kept me informed at all times, was responsive to my inquiries, and fought for me and my children. She has my lasting gratitude.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynn


    I had been with an attorney in NY (I will not name here) -- very expensive and highly rated -- for 16 months due to a divorce action. My husband left me for a younger woman and was trying to throw me to the curb with nothing after 23 years of a Christian marriage. Turns out he was not what he professed. So I was dealing with betrayal, grief, and denial. I needed a lawyer to DEFEND me. But, THAT lawyer DROPPED me ONE MONTH before trial because I would not sign on to ANOTHER $5000 retainer (he had already cleaned out the $23,000 I had). He actually dismissed me as a client. Now he is a terrible, unconscionable attorney.

    Then, I was amazingly led to Shari Jo. That is a miracle in itself. She agreed to see me right away. What lawyer does that? She took my case with only ONE MONTH to get up to speed. It was a lot. As, I said, the case had gone on for 16 months and there was a lot of paper work, etc. to read and comprehend.

    My husband had gone through 3 attorneys and was then acting as pro se. He was BRUTAL as he was determined to win AT ANY COST and seemed to be demonically empowered. It was terrifying. I am 65 and have always been a homemaker -- not something really appreciated in NY. It seemed that the courts were favoring him in addition because he was acting as pro se and has a disability.

    My now x-husband is extremely narcissistic with a huge ego and sense of entitlement. Ruthless and inhumane are words which come to mind. I believe that he is very possibly a highly functioning sociopath. That boils down to: he is without a conscience or empathy; he HAS to win; he is a pathological and very convincing liar. And, he can be VERY CHARMING and charismatic -- almost blinding. He deceives EVERYONE.

    My point is that my now x-husband is a force to contend with. I had always just caved in before and unfortunately, unknowingly enabled him. But, by the end of the marriage, I had NO strength to fight. After my first lawyer dismissed me (lack of confidence), it truly looked like CHECKMATE for me. My husband was gloating and celebrating my destruction. The two of them (husband & the adulterous home-wrecker) were dancing on my grave anticipating all the stuff and income they would have plus the delight of "doing me in." What kind of people do that?! What kind of woman aids and abets a man to throw a woman out of her home in her senior years?

    My point is that I was reeling from betrayal, up against an unfriendly system, deserted by my attorney (shame on him) and facing all the forces of evil embodied in my then husband and his cohort. But, God! God led me to Shari Jo. SJ took my case, got up to speed and defended me in a THREE DAY hell on earth nightmare ordeal called divorce court.

    As I mentioned, I did not have the strength to fight. I still loved my husband (I was in such denial, so blind-sided & stupid). But, Shari Jo defended me against him and all his manipulations, lies, strategies, cons & frauds. And, she did it professionally without resorting to his despicable, low tactics. Seemed like Shari Jo could just rise above and sail over it all and stay on point. That was no small feat. My x-husband is a master at bait and switch, smoke and mirrors and is without scruples & without conscience. How difficult to navigate and focus against such circumstances! But, Shari Jo did it without blinking an eye.

    My x-husband tried to smooth talk SJ and get the grounds of divorce changed to no-fault. Shari Jo fought for me tooth and nail and won. He tried to cheat me on my inheritance and former property. Shari Jo fought and won. He tried to cheat me on the sale of the house. Again, Shari Jo fought and won.

    If it had not been for Shari Jo, I would be on the street begging with a tin can today.

    Sometimes, we face evil and as much as we don't want to have to deal with it, we must. It is at those times when we need a lawyer like Shari Jo.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Lost relocation case and now my family suffers

    My husband and I turned to Sharijo in 2010.I was remarried and my new husband worked and lives in Cleveland OH.Sharijo promised to help get us out of western NY.We gave her 5k and went to the Supreme Court judge Donna Siewk. We went to trial and it didn't go well the judge actually making fun of her glasses. After a 6 months of waiting we lost our court case with the judge and I was told I could move but my kids had to stay in western Ny.We went to the appellate court another 45 later at the Appellate court Sharijo lost her temper and 5 judges made her sit down.Tge case was over my ex husband's lawyer laughed.Tge ruling has been devastating for my family.We are out 50k. We now have two places to pay for two bills if every kind.And my ex husband us no longer with his gf. I have 6 more years to go to be able to move or I have to give custody of my 3 kids to an ex that's a child abuser.We r living a nightmare.After speaking to other lawyers they said I'm screwed.They go on to say bad advice.Oh the best was getting an email to us telling us we lost.Sgari Jo wouldn't even speak to us we were devastated.Laura Emerson dud speak to my husband and felt awful for us.I live daily in a mess and pine for the year 2020.On this new years eve I have 5 more years to go. Run from Shari Jo she's cold hearted and only cares for the money. My poor Family it's awful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    PHENOMENALLY OUSTANDING ATTORNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shari Jo is my attorney and represented me throughout my child custody case. What you can expect from her is woman who will dilligently fight for her clients rights to the bitter end and beyond! She is an INCREDIBLEY cunning and very creative attorney who gets results and is very cost effective! She did an OUSTANDING job in my case with the exact results I wanted! If you're a single father living Erie County I can tell you first hand that the odds ARE NOT IN YOUR FAVOR. Shari Jo Reich is the counter to that! I highly recommend her! In fact if your a single father I would tell you straight out there simply is NO OTHER CHOICE!
    Shari looks at every aspect of your individual case from the very first day that you meet with her to formulate the best possible outcome for you. She doesn't pull ANY punches or sugar coat the facts. I personally will NEVER STEP FOOT in Family Court with out Shari Jo as my attorney! The time to find out how good your lawyer really is isn't when your standing in front of a judge.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn

    Excellent experience !!!

    Shari was my second attorney, my first one could not handle my case. Thank goodness for Shari Jo , she handle my case as if her own children were involved! She was always compassionate and understanding even when I was being unreasonable at times. I have already recommended her to a few friends and they are pleased. She is extremely knowledgable and professional. She is busy and for good reason, she is excellent at her profession!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    Excellent Lawyer

    Shari Jo Reich is an excellent lawyer. I was pleased in her handling of my divorce. She looked at every angle possible to held me get a fair divorce agreement but what I respected is that Shari Jo also listens to what you want or think will be best. My divorce was not very complex or a lot to negotiate but I do believe if there was that situation, Shari Jo would be excellent in handling and seeing that her client gets the best possible representation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    divorce client

    Shari Jo is an outstanding Lawyer to have in this type of situation. As far as Shari Jo being called a Tiger, she deserves this title due to her tireless determination and unwillingness to be pushed around. Honesty, integrity, and an absolute refusal to ''blow smoke'' about the possible outcome are a few of her trademarks.

    If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and paint an unrealistic rosy picture, she may not be the one for you.

    However, if you are looking for a lawyer to vigorously protect you and your interests, while being conscious of minimizing the effect on your wallet, Shari Jo is that person. Shari Jo will not waste your time or money on pointless phone calls or emails. She limited contact to times when she had solid information to give.

    After my very recent experience with Shari Jo, I highly recommend this seasoned professional.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client


    I came across this site and decided if I can be helpful to someone else then I need to write this. too bad I came across this too late for me.

    ALWAYS late! NEVER ready, very unprepared..doesn't answer phone calls or emails.
    She drags everything out so the hours are racking up. PROMISED me one PRICE /COST wasn't even close!!!! Now my children and me will suffer. She hasn't got a clue what's that like. She sent me on wild goose chases for things that were unnecessary. Came to an agreement with my Ex spouse yet she kept making more changes and mistakes.

    She'll tell you anything you want or need to hear at the time but this is just Talk.. Laura Emerson was great and without her I can't see how Shari Jo can make it. Shari Jo needs to get into some other profession like politics because that's where we expect lying, hypocritical people to ruin your lives without a conscience. I never met an attorney who was so discombobulated as her. Like I said it's sounds all right and good out of her mouth but what she says and does is not even close.

    She's heartless and as a mother of two adopted children you'd think she's would be more compassionate to another mom going through struggles and stress that a divorce brings when you have children involved. She forgets shes suppose to be on your side. And that you hired her to represent YOU. I wish I would have read the reviews before I hired her. She will take every last penny you have no mater how straight forward your divorce should have been, she will find a way to drag it out, for her pockets to be filled. You CAN'T TRUST HER!!!.

    Normally I believe that it's not our jobs on earth to worry about how bad heartless people can sleep at night. because i believe they will have to answer to our maker. I'm only writing this in hopes to save another person from trusting she cares bout you. I will pray for her because I know its the right thing to do..

    Do your homework read the reviews I wish I would have done mine. Because I could not stand up for myself I happy for this site..