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Bruce Scott Zeftel

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  • Fighting a motion to dismiss for a tax cert case in Buffalo NY

    I have a motion to dismiss for a tax cert case in 14220. The facts are that I provided the paperwork to be stamped (including the "draft" notice of petition, and petition, but they were only stamped "paid no fee" and then returned to me. I sho...

    Bruce’s Answer

    Your question is confusing.

    Did you file the petition and notice of petition with the county clerk and pay the fee for the index number and RJI? If you filed the them with the clerk and got and index number and then served the municipality, and did this within the strict time limits in the Real Property Tax Law then you should b okay. But if you did not file and get the index number etc then you have a problem. Remember though that each year is new, so if you are out for this year you can always try again next year.

    Good luck.

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